Nienke Hopman - founder bold nine

“I’m a creative thinker,
curious about people
and behavior 
get excited
about creating value
(in real estate and in life)
and distinctive marketing.”

Nienke [Nine], 2019

I believe it’s about time to shake up the dull real estate world, by working in a Bold and Disruptive way. The NDSM wharf – a good example of a high-traffic area – in Amsterdam-Noord is convincing proof of this tactic. It has been transformed as an area from a decayed shipyard into a unique and vibrant international hotspot at river IJ.

I am proud that, by creating mixed commercial programming, I have made a major contribution to this dynamic area. Thanks to this experience, among things, I bring expertise to the table in the field of real estate concepts and real estate marketing with BoldNine.

In my time at the NDSM wharf, I have noticed that stick-to-the-concept and, for example, at the gate selection, important pillars in my work, lead to an area and buildings that contain and add much more value. Beyond simply thinking of bricks and meters. It results in places and buildings which become monuments of the future instead of merely meeting that one need of the moment.

“Nine has extensive expertise and experience in the real estate world and is the link for at the gate selection in your real estate project. By deploying her, the potential of a project is optimally utilized. That creates value both in the short and long term.”

Over the years I’ve gained extensive experience in commercial projects, marketing campaigns of all sizes and building and protecting authentic identities. The strategy of organically developing areas such as the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam is one of the things I enjoyed doing. That success has since been proven. I’ve worked with parties such as Vandejong, Hema, VNU Media, Red Bull, Pernod Ricard, Multipay, Stichting NDSM and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

I cannot be placed in a specific ‘box’, but that’s fine by me. Outside the box lies a world of opportunities!

Be bold, stop by

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