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NDSM – Pontkade

The NDSM wharf in Amsterdam Noord is a place we have been associated with for many years. This unique, dynamic area with its rich history has an unprecedented attraction.

The new building project has risen on the banks of ‘t IJ on the former shipyard. BoldNine was given the mission to attract distinctive, creative entrepreneurs for the ground floor of Pontkade (in total ca. 3.500 square metres commercial spaces).

The retail units are rented out. There is an Albert Heijn (already open), a hairstylist/barber and Bbrood (bakery) getting ready to open their doors soon. VandeJong Agency also opened her doors at an amazing location.

There are also two out of four bar/restaurant spaces rented out. In unit 2 there will be an attractive deli, in unit 1 there will be an amazing lounge-bar-restaurant (opening Fall 2022) which will be a huge magnet for the warf and the city.

There are still 2 bar/restaurant spaces available for rent. This is why we are looking for adventurous entrepreneurs who fit in with the character of the wharf and are able to create a challenging and strong concept. 

Interested? Let’s find out if your business matches DNA the NDSM vibe!

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